Nov. 11, 2017  •  6PM to Midnight  •  University Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

Springfield Black Tie is proud to announce our Keynote Speaker Kristin Beck for 2017’s banquet.


“Lady Valor”

Kristin Beck, born Christopher Beck is known to be the first female Navy SEAL.

She was interviewed by Anderson Cooper in June of 2013 and quickly became known throughout the world. Soon after she became a civil rights activist giving speeches nation wide. Even invited to go before Congressmen and Senators with her personal story and dynamic personality making headway in the March to Equality for all humans.

She distinguished herself in 20 years of exceptionally meritorious service with Special Operations Forces in the SEAL teams. She conducted special operations with small UAVs, HUMINT, and Direct Action missions in her thirteen deployments. Final tours were with Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) to head the Special Reconnaissance units and various Task Forces as a HUMINT source handler and technical operations director.

In 2009, Kristin was requested by name to be the Advisor to SOCOM’s Science Director, Mr. William Shepherd (SEAL/Astronaut). She became an integral part of SOF technology and advancements while serving in this capacity. She has prepared and briefed position papers on SOF- unique technology for State Department and White House approvals. As a result of these outstanding achievements, Kristin Beck received the coveted NDIA 2010 Special Operations Award.

Now a civil rights activist, she gives speeches and lectures at various events around the country. Kristin was a key voice in the Congressional Bill to end discrimination toward the LGBT community. She continues her “new mission” fighting for equality for all Americans.

She is “Lady Valor” and offers services in Consulting, full spectrum law enforcement training, motivational and informational speeches, innovation collaborations, art and other original works such as books, comic books, screenplays, painting/pottery/abstract multimedia pieces.

Follow her on Twitter: @theladyvalor

More information can be found out:

Congressional testimony: record/2013/10/11/extensions-of-remarks-section/article/E1495-3



November 10, 2018

6pm to midnight

University Plaza

Hotel & Convention Center


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