In the past we’ve had bid sheets spread out across all the tables in the Silent Auction room, and you would find the sheet for the item you are interested in, find a pen, scribble your number on the sheet and the amount you want to bid.  Then come back and check on the sheet to see if you were still winning or if you needed to bid again, and then if you were too late before that section closed, someone outbid you!

While this process worked for many years, we have now moved into the future!  This year we will be using HandBid to conduct our auction.  With this app, you can review all the available auction items, bid on them, set a maximum bid, buy it now and then at the end pay for the items you won right from your phone!  Make sure you turn on notifications so you get told if you are outbid!

The week of November 4th, we will put the auction into PREVIEW mode.  During this time you can see items, but not bid yet.  We will be updating and making changes, etc.  Then on FRIDAY NIGHT November 8th, before the doors open to Black Tie on Saturday, you can start bidding!

You can find some easy instructions on this page:  on how to download and use the app.